Celebrating fall’s arrival at Point Pelee

This year, to celebrate fall’s arrival we decided to do something different. Just kidding. We headed to the woods in search of fall colors. Not the reds of maples, but the orange of monarch butterflies. Each year they congregate at Point Pelee in thousands before making their trip south. I’ve seen pictures of this miraculous sight but never actually experienced it. Plus the new oTENTiks now available in the park sounded like an attractive proposition. I love our tent – a lot. Occasionally, however, glamping with no camp to set up can be very alluring, especially for a quick weekend getaway.

enjoying the campfire in front of oTENTik in Point Pelee

We discovered oTENTiks at Point Pelee during our Easter trip back in March. This time, even though we booked it last minute, we were lucky to get a much better cabin with a proper size table (although we never got to playing games because after a day of walking our son was fast asleep soon after it got dark.)

oTENTik in Point Pelee at night

This oTENTik was also more secluded than the last one we stayed at. Full foliage helped with that I am sure. And the fact that all oTENTiks are walk-ins is a huge plus. No cars whirring by, just an occasional bicycle or a cart. All in all, a great place to relax.

relaxing in front of oTENTik in Point Pelee

We only had one full day in the park so we used it to the max walking all the way to the southernmost point in search of butterflies and then to the marsh in search of turtles. We failed both missions but got a pretty good workout out of it. The forest was a sea of green with occasional streaks of red and yellow betraying the fall that was scheduled to arrive later that night.

walking in Point Pelee national park      walking at Point Pelee National Park

meadow and forest in Point Pelee National Park

green and yellow leaves    black berries

yellow leaves    red and green leaves

black berries against yellow leaves

fungus on a tree      fungus on a tree

skein of geese

Canada’s southernmost point was very pointy this time jutting all the way into the lake, an irresistible photo shoot spot. The puffy clouds hovering over Lake Erie provided an excellent backdrop. When I returned to the point the next morning, still hoping to see some butterflies, the tip was teeming with a different type of crowd, white-winged and extremely loud. My search, again, yielded no results. Although, I did encounter clouds of blue jays, another group of migrants that end up at Point Pelee looking for a safe passage south. They then follow the shore because they aren’t fast enough to cross the lake, unlike monarchs or hummingbirds.

southernmost tip in Point Pelee

southernmost tip in Point Pelee National Park      southernmost point in Point Pelee National Park

southernmost tip in Point Pelee National Park

gulls at the southernmost tip in Point Pelee Park


blue jays in the sky at Point Pelee

The marsh, while seemingly devoid of wildlife, looked so different from the brown dry husks we are used to seeing here. That’s when we realized that we’d only ever visited Point Pelee in the spring. When we returned to the boardwalk the next morning on our way out of the park, we spotted a snake snoozing in the sun and a lone turtle frozen in a warrior pose. That was, of course, a far cry from the usual abundance of turtles and birds that fill the place in the spring.

marsh boardwalk at Point Pelee

marsh in Point Pelee park

walking on marsh boardwalk in Point Pelee

snake in the marsh    turtle in the marsh

yellow lily

We also spotted a butterfly flattering by, which brought our total count of butterflies to four over the entire weekend. I guess we missed the migration peak by a week or so. Well, there is always next year.

butterfly on wasp nest

And we did get a splash of colours even if it didn’t arrive on the wings of butterflies.  On the night of its arrival, the fall put on quite a show as if to make up for the missed monarchs or to offer a sneak peek of the upcoming colour bonanza.

sunset over Lake Erie in Point Pelee National Park

sunset over Lake Erie in Point Pelee National Park

sunset over Lake Erie in Point Pelee National Park

sunset over Lake Erie in Point Pelee National Park

9 thoughts on “Celebrating fall’s arrival at Point Pelee

  1. Point Pelee has been on our bucket list for a long time. Love your pictures and storytelling. Seems like we’re right along with you. Really enjoy the variety of places you been and the effort you take in the photography and text to get that out for all of us to enjoy.

    I’ve taken the liberty to nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award!

    Liked by 1 person

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