The Best Camping Moments of 2015

It is the season to tally up accomplishments over the past year and make plans for the next one. Our New Year resolutions are usually summed up with “camp as much possible, visit as many new places as possible, try as many new things as possible.” Putting together a list of 2015 best camping moments is a slightly more difficult task since there were so many of them. Nonetheless, here is my attempt to narrow the list to our 10 favourite camping memories of 2015 (in no particular order).

New Year at Everglades

For us, there is no better way to kick off a new year than in front of a roaring campfire. This year, it felt a bit weird with humidity instead of snow and mosquito bites instead of frost bites but still lots of fun. More pictures and full story here.


sunrise at Flamingo campground everglades

Winter camping in a tent

After years of talking about it, we finally did it! Our first winter tenting trip in Algonquin was a lot of fun. Next step – winter backcountry trip.

You can read all about it here. For an account of a winter glamping trip, check out the story about Family Day weekend in Allegany State Park here.

kid in front of the tent in winter

hiding in the snow   looking at a frozen waterfall

Spring showers and May flowers in Canada’s “deep south”

May is a great time to enjoy spring flowers and listen to birds chirping and twittering. And there is no better place to do it than Wheatley Provincial Park and Point Pelee National Park in southern Ontario. The trip also included a visit to Pelee Island and lots of biking. More photos and full story can be found here.

smelling flowers

swallows  red-winged blackbird

Canoeing in Killarney

Booking a campsite at O.S.A. Lake in Killarney is not an easy task. It required waking up before 7 a.m. exactly five months before our departure date but it was worth it. Our canoe camping trip in Killarney was one of the highlights of the year. Full trip report here.

kayaking on O.S.A. lake at Killarney

canoeing at Killarney Provincial Park    hiker enjoying the view from the Crack at Killarney

Views from Sleeping Giant and one curious bear

Our backpacking trip at Sleeping Giant was cut short because of a curious visitor. Not surprisingly, it became one of the most memorable trips of all times. And the views from the top of the Giant were striking. For more beautiful views and other pictures of wildlife, check out the trip report here.

view from Head of the Giant at Sleeping Giant

bear playing with a kayak at Sleeping Giant

Visit to Lake Superior coast

Lake Superior coast is one of my most favourite places in the world. We have travelled quite extensively since our last trip to Lake Superior and seen a lot of wonderful places. However, I am still gripped by the beauty of the world’s largest lake. To me, that is the landscape for which the word ‘breath-taking’ was invented. For more Lake Superior stories, follow the link.

foggy day on the beach in Neys Provincial Park

Old Woman Bay in Lake Superior Provicial Park

Canoeing in Quetico

A trip to Quetico had been on my bucket list for a long time so you can imagine my excitement when we finally got there. I am not sure words can do justice to this incredible place but I tried. You can read about the trip here.

unnamed lake at Quetico

pictographs in Quetico   backcountry campsite at Quetico

True colours of the fall in Restoule

Fall is one of my favourite seasons (I also like spring, summer and winter). Jokes aside, there is something quite special about autumn with its flaming colours, crisp morning air and crunching leaves under your feet. This year we got to enjoy this beautiful season in Restoule Provincial Park. More pictures and full story here.

Amber Lake on Fire Tower Trail in Restoule

Restoule Lake in the fall   fall foliage in Restoule Provincial Park


This year, we spent a lot of time exploring parks and conservation areas close to home proving that even small dozes of Vitamin N can do a world of good. Read more about the places we visited here.

View from Nelso Lookout at Rattlesnake Point   Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto

High Park in the fall   bridge over Credit River at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Magnificent skies

Whether it’s the deep purple of an approaching storm, soft pink of a sunrise, red flames of a sunset or millions of shining dots at night, skies never cease to amaze and inspire. And there was no lack of beautiful skies this year.

sunset at Killbear Provincial Park   sunset at Wasaga Beach

sunrise over Restoule Lake

sunset on the beach in Neys Provincial Park   Pinery beach after sunset

after the sunset at Killbear Provincial Park   beautiful sunset on O.S.A. lake at Killarney

beautiful sunset over French Lake at Quetico Provincial Park

new moon over French Lake at Quetico Provincial Park   milky way at Quetico Provincial Park

dramatic clouds over Lake Ontario

So many wonderful trips didn’t make the list, like our backpacking trip on Western Uplands Trail in Algonquin, our Easter and Labour Day trips to Pinery, an amazing birthday celebration at Silent Lake, an early fall trip to Killbear, canoeing to Big Bend at Arrowhead, but I had to stop somewhere. Now we are off to Killarney to celebrate the arrival of 2016 and make some new memories.

Happy New Camping Year, everyone! What was your favourite camping moment of 2015?

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