Winter at its Best: Family Day Weekend at Allegany State Park

I love Family Day weekend camping. Yes, it’s cold (or even frigid cold as it was this past weekend) and a simple trip to the bathroom requires major preparations and lots of layers. But none of those things matter when you are greeted every morning by beautiful views of the snow-wrapped forest and clear crisp air that makes your whole body vibrate in tune with the singing snow under your feet.

Allegany state park, Congdon trail in the winter

Allegany state park, Congdon trail in the winter

This year, we spent the Family Day weekend at Allegany State Park. Located in the Enchanted Mountains region in western New York, it’s less than a three-hour drive from Toronto. With over 150 winterized cabins, it’s easy to book last minute roofed accommodations. We stayed at one of the cabins at the Congdon Loop. The cabin was pretty spacious with two bunk beds and a kitchenette area that had a fridge and a gas stove. There was a gas heater and electricity so it was warm (well, relatively warm when the temperatures dropped to -25C on Sunday) and light. The comfort station (very warm and comfortable) was about two minutes away. It also had showers (although not sure who would want to use them in the weather like this) and a utility sink, very convenient for washing dishes.

Allegany state park, Congdon trail in the winter

The park itself offers a lot to do. The Art Roscoe Nordic Ski Centre boasts over 20 miles of cross-country ski trails of various difficulty levels and also has gear rentals and a warming hut. Allegany is very popular with snowmobilers. We could hear them whizzing by from time to time. We also spotted a few fishing huts on the Red House Lake. And, of course, there are great tobogganing hills for the kid in all of us.

We arrived at the park late on Friday. Our cabin was up on a hill and there was no way to get the car up there with all the snow so we had to carry our gear and supplies. Nothing makes you move faster than freezing temperatures so between the four of us we were done in a record short time. After having a nice cup of tea and deciding who’d take the upper bunks,  we were all in bed dreaming of a great day ahead.

Allegany Family Day-5

Cabin at Allegany state park, Congdon trail in the winter

sliding down the hill at Allegany state park, Congdon trail in the winter

We started the next morning with our favourite breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. We then headed to the Art Roscoe Ski Centre where we rented gear and spent the day skiing. It was snowing lightly when we started and the forest looked magical. It’s amazing how winter manages to create the most enchanting works of art with only one colour at its disposal.

skiing at Allegany State park

Skiing at Allegany state park   skiing at Allegany State Park

Allegany state park in the winter

Somewhere halfway through the trail, a snow squall blew in reducing visibility to almost zero. Luckily it passed quickly but our younger son continued to shake snow off the tree branches with his ski poles so by the time we were done we looked like snowmen and, well, one snowwoman.

snow squall while skiing at Allegany state park   snow squally at Allegany state park

allegany state park

skiing at Allegany state park   skiing at allegay state park

woman covered in snow

After our skiing adventures, we drove to the neighbouring town of Salamanca (about 10 minutes away) to buy some food and wood and spent the evening cooking boys’ favourite minestrone soup with garlic toast, building a campfire near the cabin and then playing the game of Life back inside.

The next morning, we woke up to refreshing 25 below zero outside and lots of sun.

winter at Allegany state park

icicles on a cabin at Allegany state park   snowbank that looks like a ghost

After delicious oatmeal with fruit and some warm drinks, we finally plucked up the courage to go outside.

child inside a cabin at Allegany state park   coffee cup by the window in the winter

We decide to test our new snow tube on one of the hills. It was fun while it lasted, which wasn’t very long. About halfway down the first run, the tube ripped sending the kids tumbling down. There was a bit of complaining about scratched cheeks and cold snow but nothing a nice hot cup of chocolate wouldn’t fix.

hil at Allegany state park

tobogganing at Allegany state park   tobogganing at allegany state park

We spent the rest of the day around the cabin, our younger son breaking off icicles, the rest of us warming by the fire. By then, our improvised fire pit (the real one was hidden somewhere under the snow) got wider and deeper allowing us to actually sit around the edge right by the fire. In the end the combination of fire and snow created a perfectly round crater, its walls covered in ice spikes.

camp fire in the winter   man by the fire in the winter


Once we went through all of our wood, we retreated inside, made some fish with baked potatoes and roasted corn (yum) and played our favourite board game, Settlers of Catan.

playing Settlers of Catan

playing settlers of catan   playing settlers of catan

On Monday, it was time to leave. As always, it felt the trip hadn’t been long enough. Two beautiful  does came to say good-bye.

doe in the winter   doe in the winter

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